Tokyo 150 Years Festival

We are currently holding the “Old meets New Tokyo 150 Years” Project this year in 2018 to commemorate the 150th year since Tokyo changed its name from Edo and established the Tokyo Prefecture. As the main event for this project, the “Tokyo 150 Years Festival” will be held at the Hama-rikyu Gardens, an anniversary event where you can experience and celebrate Tokyo’s “tradition and innovation” alongside the citizens of Tokyo.

It’s a fun event where you can see Tokyo’s transformation over 150 years in a projection mapping show, featuring Hatsune Miku, as well as experience the past, present, and future of Tokyo in media booths, and participate in the outdoor tea ceremony and Paralympic sports events. The event also has panel displays that look back on 150 years of Tokyo, introduces traditional arts to light up Tokyo, and exhibits award-winning works from the “future Tokyo” themed painting contest.
Have fun at Hama-rikyu Gardens, which is usually closed to the public, in the long autumn nights.

Date Overview

【Date & Time】
  • Fri, Oct 26, 2018      5:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m
  • Sat, Oct 27, 2018      9:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.
  • Sun, Oct 28, 2018      9:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.
  • * Last admission is 8:30 p.m. on all days.
Hama-rikyu Gardens (1-1 Hamarikyu Gardens, Chuo-ku, Tokyo)
Directions to the venue, etc.
【Sponsored by】
Tokyo Metropolitan Government
【Admission Fee】
General: ¥300, Ages 65 & over: ¥150
※Elementary students & under,
Tokyo residents, Middle school students currently
enrolled in school: Free
※Show Kappa Badge: Free

Main Program
(Projection Mapping)

Time Play, Time Travel
- Hatsune Miku Links Tokyo 150 -

刻をあそぶ 時空の旅

~初音ミク Links Tokyo150~
第1回 18:30
第2回 19:10
第3回 19:50
第4回 20:30
  • ・メインプログラム(刻をあそぶ 時空の旅 〜初音ミク Links Tokyo150〜)の観覧エリアへの入場整理券を、芳梅亭近くの出展ブースエリア内の「東京150年事業ブース」で配布します。
※整理券は、各日第1、2回 12:00~ / 第3、4回 18:30~配布を開始します。
  • ・メインプログラム「刻をあそぶ 時空の旅~初音ミク Links Tokyo150~」の上映時間は約18分。

The first-ever projection mapping show using Shioiri Pond as the stage. The world-famous Hatsune Miku will sing popular songs in an outfit that transforms over time, conveying the charm of Tokyo.
Music Director & Composer
Masahiko Sato (Jazz pianist & composer)
Technical Aid
Experience-Based Contents Using the Latest Technologies
Digital Bon Dance
~Dance to the Tokyo 2020 Tune with Hatsune Miku~

Experience the scanning system that generates 3D modeling data in high speed. Your 3D avatar will dance together with Hatsune Miku to the “Tokyo 2020 Tune”. Let’s join everyone!


Your 3D avatar will appear in the CG video of Tokyo’s sightseeing spots! Take a virtual tour with your friends around Tokyo’s sightseeing spots!

300-Year-Old Pine Tree
Photo Spot

A high-tech version of the face boards that you often see at sightseeing spots, this will photoshop your face into the retro background. We’ll give you photogenic pictures that look as though you traveled back in time to 150 years ago. The garden will also be lit up at night, making it into a great photo spot.

Edo Tokyo Kirari Project / Traditional Craftsmanship Festival

A participation-based program where participants can go around teahouses and other spots to appreciate the arts of braiding, Edo Kiriko glass cutting, and making dishes using Tokyo-sourced ingredients as well as those that refer back to Edo Tokyo.

Outdoor Tea Ceremony (Tea Party) 2 Seats

Anyone can take part in an authentic tea ceremony experience under the refreshing autumn sky!
* Extra fees will be charged for snacks.
(Cooperation: Tokyo Metropolitan Flower Arrangement & Tea Ceremony Federation, Department of Tea Ceremony, Tokyo Metropolitan High School Culture Federation)

Tokyo Metropolitan Paralympic Experience Program

Participants can experience the appeal of the Paralympics through free participation in Paralympic sports and panel displays describing Paralympic sports.

“Tokyo 150 Years Painting Contest”
Exhibition of Winning Works

We will be exhibiting selected works from over 2,000 pieces that were submitted with the theme “future Tokyo”. On Saturday, October 27th, we will be selecting the winner for the award of excellence.

Booth Displays
The History & Culture of Tama & Islands

Geographical information and illustrations regarding the history and culture of the Tama area, Izu Islands, and Ogasawara Islands, along with a valuable collection owned by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, are introduced on a panel display.

Tourism Promotion Using “Tokyo Tokyo”

We use the icon “Tokyo Tokyo” to convey the various charms of tourism in Tokyo.

Hydrogen Energy

We will be holding an exhibition on hydrogen energy, which only produces water when used. We will generate and charge energy using fuel cell vehicles.

Sumida River Bridges (Meiji to Now)
Their Past and Present

The history of building the Sumida River bridges over the Meiji, Taisho, and Showa eras and their current state are introduced on a panel display, mainly focusing on three bridges—Eitai Bridge, Kachidoki Bridge, and Kiyosu Bridge (important cultural property of Japan).

Water Supply History & Tap Water Tasting

Supporting people’s lives since the Edo Era, the history of our water supply and the transformation of our modern water supply are introduced in an exhibition. We also have tap water tasting for people to see how good the current tap water tastes.

Sewage History

The history of Kanda Sewage and the sewage-related important cultural properties of Japan are introduced on a panel display.

Tokyo Metropolitan Central Library
Valuable Resource Panel Display

We will be introducing the appeal of Edo culture and famous spots in Tokyo with 150-year-long histories by comparing the old and new. We will also set up a corner where you can learn by playing board games.

(Hato Bus Co., Ltd.) Souvenir Photo in a Bus Guide Uniform

Visitors can dress up in a Hato Bus guide’s uniform to take a photo. The official mascot, designed in commemoration of the 70th anniversary of Hato Bus Co., Ltd. will make an appearance.

Food Stalls

We will have stores selling various foods, sweets, and drinks inspired by Edo and Tokyo, allowing the visitors to have fun exploring the charm of Tokyo food culture.