Tokyo 150 Years Anniversary
Winners have been selected for the "Painting Contest”!

We are happy to have received many applications. Thank you!
After a rigorous screening, we selected 30 paintings out of the 2,029 entries.
The top 18 prize winning paintings are as follows.

Prize-winning works will be displayed at “Tokyo 150 Years Festival” venue which will be held starting Friday, October 26th at Hama Rikyu Gardens.
Please come and see the actual works painted by children.

Tokyo 150 Years Award

Comments by the judges

Many of the paintings had strong messages and it was hard to believe that they were painted by grade school children. The works successfully depicted “how they want Tokyo to be in the future.” Not only the future of Tokyo but also other various elements such as families, outer space, nature, and animals were included in many of the paintings. Of those paintings, we selected the ones with open-minded, dream-filled, and rich ideas.

Lower Grader’s Category
  • 絵画コンテスト
    “Future of Tokyo at Night”
    Meguro Ward Higashine Elementary School,Grade 2,
    Kotaro Yamashita
Middle Grader’s Category
  • 絵画コンテスト
    "Let’s Go to Edo Castle by the Sky Highway and Super Bullet Train!!"
    Chuo Ward Meisho Elementary School,Grade 4,
    Togo Arai
Higher Grader’s Category
  • 絵画コンテスト
    "The Future of Tokyo”
    Machida City Minami Dai-yon Elementary School,Grade 6,
    Yoh Shiken

Outstanding Performance Award

Lower Grader’s Category
  • 絵画コンテスト
    "Road that Leads to 2118”
    Adachi Ward Shinden Elementary School,Grade 2,
    Sota Yasaka
  • 絵画コンテスト
    "Map of Bright Future of Tokyo”
    Katsushika Ward Kamakura Elementary School,Grade 2,
    Misaki Ihara
Middle Grader’s Category
  • 絵画コンテスト
    “My Dear Tokyo: City of Nature and Science”
    Minato Ward Seinan Elementary School,Grade 3,
    Rinichiro Kojima
  • 絵画コンテスト
    “Sky Tree Rises Towards the Starry Sky”
    Nerima Ward Oizumi Dai-san Elementary School,Grade 3,
    Koharu Sato
Higher Grader’s Category
  • 絵画コンテスト
    "Dream City, Tokyo”
    Higashi-Murayama City Nobidome Elementary School,Grade 6,
    Makoto Uno
  • 絵画コンテスト
    "Fun, Cutting-Edge Eco-Friendly City, Tokyo”
    Suginami Ward Amanuma Elementary School,Grade 6,
    Ameri Kimura

Honorable Mention Awards

Lower Grader’s Category
  • 絵画コンテスト
    "Tokyo with Smiley Faces”
    Edogawa Ward Seishin Dai-ichi Elementary School,Grade 1,
    Mimi Urabe
  • 絵画コンテスト
    "My Dream City, Tokyo”
    Kita Ward Takinogawa Momiji Elementary School,Grade 2,
    Naoki Nakamura
  • 絵画コンテスト
    “Flying Apartment”
    Bunkyo Ward Kubomachi Elementary School,Grade 2,
    Rin Inaba
Middle Grader’s Category
  • 絵画コンテスト
    “Houses that Float in the Sky”
    Adachi Ward Higashi-Ayase Elementary School,Grade 4,
    Hinano Mori
  • 絵画コンテスト
    “The Tallest Tower in the World (Tokyo World Tree)”
    Tama City Tama Dai-san Elementary School,Grade 3,
    Sakura Yamaguchi
  • 絵画コンテスト
    "Sightseeing Trip to Edo/Tokyo From the Future”
    Itabashi Ward Shimura Dai-ichi Elementary School,Grade 4,
    Manato Kinoshita
Higher Grader’s Category
  • 絵画コンテスト
    “Tokyo with Egg-Shaped Risk-Free Houses”
    Nerima Ward Oizumi Gakuen Sakura Elementary School,Grade 6,
    Nana Hayasaka
  • 絵画コンテスト
    “Tokyo Season”
    Katsushika Ward Honda Elementary School,Grade 6,
    Ngobao Tram
  • 絵画コンテスト
    “Imaginary Future”
    Koto Ward Motokaga Elementary School,Grade 6,
    Nanami Miyajima


Lower Grader’s Category
  • 絵画コンテスト
    “Tokyo Has a Lot of Nature and Is Close to Space (with a Space Elevator)”
    Bunkyo Ward Shiomi Elementary School,Grade 1,
    Sho Munakata
  • 絵画コンテスト
    “Future Tokyo with a Lot of Nature”
    Taito Ward Taisho Elementary School,Grade 1,
    Hiroaki Onishi
  • 絵画コンテスト
    “Skytree, 50 Years Later, and the Night View”
    Nerima Ward Oizumi Higashi Elementary School,Grade 1,
    Hoichi Taniguchi
  • 絵画コンテスト
    “An Amazing Departure”
    Suginami Ward Hamadayama Elementary School,Grade 2,
    Renya Ishikawa
Middle Grader’s Category
  • 絵画コンテスト
    “Tokyo Connecting the Past, Present, and Future”
    Setagaya Ward Seta Elementary School,Grade 3,
    Teru Ando
  • 絵画コンテスト
    “Tokyo, a City that Flies Out to Space”
    Shotoku Gakuen Elementary School,Grade 4,
    Keita Tsurumoto
  • 絵画コンテスト
    “Future Tokyo”
    Chofu City Takisaka Elementary School,Grade 4,
    Asahi Ikegami
  • 絵画コンテスト
    “Future Tokyo with a Beautiful Sea and Nature”
    Seibi Gakuen Elementary School, Grade 4,
    Mao Umeda
Higher Grader’s Category
  • 絵画コンテスト
    “Exciting Tokyo”
    Shinagawa Ward Dai-san Hino Elementary School,Grade 5,
    Tasuku Haga
  • 絵画コンテスト
    “Cat-Srewn Tokyo”
    Tosei Gakuen Elementary School,Grade 5,
    Mihiro Fukunaka
  • 絵画コンテスト
    “Future that Starts Out at the Kaminarimon Gate”
    Adachi Ward Nakagawa Higashi Elementary School,Grade 6,
    Lee Kai
  • 絵画コンテスト
    “Touch the Future”
    Setagaya Ward Wakabayashi Elementary School,Grade 6,
    Karen Ohara